Prodigal Son S01E12 Review – Internal Affairs

I knew this episode would focus on Malcolm and his PTSD resulting from the events of the last episode and whilst that is kind of what happens, the show seems shy to showing it.

As it stands, it doesn’t seem that anything is wrong. Malcolm has a bit if a meltdown at the start and uses an electro shock therapy machine to fuse the electrics in the precinct after a fight with Gil and then the next day, they’re all talking to a psychiatrist sent from internal affairs and if this guy doesn’t deem Malcolm totally MENTALLY healthy, then he can’t work for the NYPD anymore… Oh Dear.

First of all, even though (spoiler alert) this was one big set up, does the show expect us to believe for one second that any psychiatrist would deem Malcolm totally fine in the ‘mental health’ department even before the incident with Watkins? Of course not, it’s part of his character. But now this guy is going to decide Malcolm’s future with the NYPD.

Can we talk about Malcolm’s injuries? He was stabbed…in the chest. I’m not sure if the show said how long it had been since the last episode but he’s still wearing a cast on his hand from when he smashed it with a hammer so here’s the question, does a stab wound in the chest heal faster than a broken hand? I’m not a doctor but Malcolm is showing no signs of getting stabbed at all. Apparently, the knife missed any organs in the near vicinity but that doesn’t excuse the fact that a knife entered his body.

This week, Malcolm returns to the NYPD after his ordeal but Gil doesn’t want him back so soon. He’s sent back to his apartment with Powell as an escort where they find Jessica has hired a husky nurse with  comedy German accent to make sure he gets rest. Powell then does that really funny and contrived thing when she receives a call about a case. She must know how smart Malcolm is by now and we now know how incredibly stupid she is because when she is told the address of the crime scene over the phone, she then repeats the address out loud so Malcolm who is about 5 feet away can hear it and of course he’s going to follow you, Dummy. He wants in.

This weeks case is about these ‘self-help’ people who are really brainwashers but the guy playing the head of this ‘cult’ is played by Daniel Sunjata. I’ve had mad respect for Daniel Sunjata since he came out as a 9/11 Truther and even narrated ‘Loose Change: An American Coup’ which is a great documentary. He knew that backing such claims could have torpedoed his already great career but nope, he stuck to his guns and I do thoroughly enjoy his performances. He was great in ‘Rescue Me’ and I’ve been meaning to get around to watching ‘Graceland’ but unfortunately, time is not on my side these days. I’ve only just started watching ‘You’ on Netflix and I just finished the first season. It really is very good. Don’t know if I’ll do a review, might just leave this one for me… what was I talking about? Oh yeh, this dumb show.

Malcolm is showing signs of more PTSD than usual in that he’s seeing images of himself as a child but dead and this has been happening since he found out that his father took him camping to kill him which of course isn’t nice news for anyone to hear so when Malcolm signs up to this ‘self-help’ thing and they tie to a chair to give him electro shock therapy to remove all the bad stuff in his mind, imagine his surprise when it works. Briefly.

Long story short, this ‘psych’ guy kidnapped one of the girls who was helping Malcolm at the self-help place and is holding her to ‘deprogram’ her because his daughter was killed in a cult and this whole thing of shorting the electrics in the precinct was all a cover to get him there and confront him and in the end, Gil orders Malcolm to take two weeks off.


In summary, I was promised that Malcolm would be even more damaged psychologically but frankly, I’m not convinced. He doesn’t seem more damaged than usual. I’m also not seeing an arc for the rest of the season. The first few episodes showed a strong arc and now that’s been solved so… what’s next? If this show wants a second season, it needs to act fast.

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