Prodigal Son S01E13 Review – Wait and Hope

I don’t know why but I was not looking forward to watching this episode. I think I’m finally getting sick of this and regretting starting this thing. Oh, well. I’ve started it now, I might as well see it through.

Martin Whitly is now properly back and out of solitary confinement with all of his privileges back as he consulted on an operation of a famous person. I would ask why are the relatives of this famous person asking the opinion of a serial killer? I would also answer that Michael Sheen has been away on another project or they couldn’t afford him for the whole season but they needed an excuse for him to come back, that’s why his installment wasn’t better implemented.


Malcolm is going on holiday and his mother buys him a ridiculous white suit that will help him to fit in at this ‘resort’ place that he’s going to. Jessica arranges some alternative transportation to take Malcolm to the airport and when she said that, I thought she’d arranged a limousine for him since she’s rich (somehow) and insufferable but it’s actually Gil.

So many things are wrong with this. Apparently, Gil wanted to make sure that Malcolm actually went on holiday but Malcolm has already made it clear that his flight is for a while. Also, Jessica is happy that Malcolm is getting away from all the murder and the way to guarantee that he actually goes is to send him off with his police detective friend in a car that is hooked up to a police scanner.

The inevitable happens and Gill agrees to take Malcolm to a crime scene in his silly, white suit so this is the case. A guy is murdered and Malcolm deduces that the murderer was channeling ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’. There’s also a landmine underneath the body and Malcolm saves Edrissa’s life again by holding down the pressure lock.

Once the room is cleared, Malcolm comes up with a plan to save his own life which involves taking the double barrel flint lock pistol, shooting out the window and diving out of a second story window as the landmine explodes, landing on Gil’s car. Once again, Malcolm goes through something that should have seriously injured him but in the very next scene, he’s showing no sign of the incident. I’m over it. Officially.

Things are moving forward with Malcolm and Dani as well. It’s definitely looking more like she’s going to be the person that he ends up with and that’s really quite amazing considering she has very little personality. She’s a detective. That’s all I’ve worked out so far. When Malcolm is covering the landmine and it looks like he’s going to be blown up, he goes to say something and then decides not to say it.

Later on, they realise that someone is going to kill someone at a wedding and instead of heading straight there to warn the person, they decide to go shopping so Dani has something to wear and there’s that moment where she comes out of the dressing room and the camera starts at her feet before arriving at her face and she does look very pretty. Since we haven’t seen much of Eve since Malcolm thrust a knife in her face, it’s looking more and more like Dani is the one for him. But I knew that from the Pilot and if this show has a future, they’ll be at least a couple of seasons of dancing around the issue before they start shagging. Unless that’s the first season cliffhanger but I have a feeling they’ll save something involving Malcolm’s father and his past for that.

Is the ending really that important?

Jessica is invited to this wedding where the murder is going to take place and of course, Malcolm and Dani foil the scheme to the surprise of no one and Jessica finally accepts that Malcolm is happy in his job. Ainsley is there for some reason and Martin is proud of his children. End of episode.

Aside from a few good lines, this show is trying my patience. We’ll see what happens next week.

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