Prodigal Son S01E15 Review – Death’s Door

Here is an episode that tries to keep a lot of balls in the air. For one, Martin is in a coma after the last episode’s shenanigans and sections of the episode show his coma dream about the origins of ‘the girl in the box’. That alone, a little bit more fleshed out, could have carried the episode.

But nope.

We have to solve more boring cases involving boring people who we’ll never see again. Or Ainsley. Or Jessica. Or someone else insufferable.

Does anyone else feel like this show is going the way of ‘Lucifer’? And I don’t mean three series on TV before being cancelled and then retiring on Netflix to die a death. What I mean is having all the interesting stuff happen outside of the ‘detective’ part of the detective show I.E, the actual cases. The cases feel token, like they have to be there, and the show is a bit embarrassed to be around them.

A new character is introduced this week, someone who Jessica affectionately refers to as ‘The Devil’. This man (I think his name is ‘Sterling’) is also the lawyer that got a serial killer into a psychiatric hospital rather than a prison cell (not sure that’s how it works) and we’re supposed to hate him because he’s suave and charismatic and … Oh my God… He’s a love interest for Jessica! Not doubt. This is how it starts. First stage, woman hates man, second stage, shagging. Every single time.

Is it just me who wants Edrissa and Malcolm to get together? She’s so cute and she obviously fancies him so why Malcolm go out with her instead of ‘Powell the Plank’. I call her that because she has no discernable personality whatsoever except the one that she has to have to be given the classification of love interest.

Ainsley is still as annoying as ever. It would seem that Jessica has taken the blame for Martin’s stabbing but she claims it was in self defense which is why she’s not in jail. Why she needed to stab him in self defense when his hands are bound and he’s chained to a wall and the all seeing, all knowing NYPD haven’t pointed that out, I don’t know.

Ainsley is sitting by her father’s bedside for some reason, I thought everyone’s supposed to hate him but she texts Malcolm to give him the assumption that something vital has happened to their father but nope, she wanted to talk to him and she thought that would be the best way to get his attention. Have I mentioned that I don’t like her? Of course Malcolm would be emotionally invested. If Martin dies, that means that Malcolm has killed him and he’s on the path to becoming a serial killer which isn’t what he wants. I still maintain that Malcolm will kill someone in the series finale whether it be in self-defense or not. It probably will.

As for Martin, it’s mentioned at the start that he’s in a coma and may die. He even flatlines at one point and Jessica rushes to the hospital to be with her daughter and not because of her former husband and I don’t know why these two are there, I thought at least Jessica wanted him to die and there she is, comforting her daughter who should hate him because he convinced a fellow inmate to go off the rails, cause a prison riot and stab her boyfriend so he could save him and win her trust. Maybe she really is stupid.

Anyway, I kind of thought Martin was going to live because like I said last week, the show isn’t done with him yet and with about 6-7 weeks left until the finale, please can we have an over-arching plot to guarantee a second season? Or do we not care?

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