Prodigal Son S01E18 Review – Scheherazade

Week 2 of the Covid-19 Lockdown and look at what Prodigal Son has offered us this week to ponder over in the ever-extending hours.

Finally, we have an introduction for Dermot Mulroney’s character, Nicholas Endicott. I found out he was going to be in it ages ago and I’ve been a fan since I saw him in ‘Copycat’ with Sigourney Weaver. That was an ace film. May just do a video on that. Sorry, lost my thoughts.

Nicholas Endicott is some big-wig, rich guy who’s hosting an event and has taken an interest in Jessica, now that I’ve seen the end, I will just make the observation that Jessica just can’t catch a break when it comes to men.

Anyway, Endicott’s event is the centre stage for a ballet dance that turns into a crime scene when the male dancer, Javier drops down dead mid performance having been poisoned. Hence, this week’s episode is all about ballet which is so apocalyptically boring that I zoned out to a lot of details but I did perk up at the end when Malcolm says that his mother made him take Ballet for five years, an unexpected character trait which was probably only mentioned for giggles and will most likely never be brought up again.

What is more interesting is that the writers have managed to ‘subvert some expectations’ when it comes to the whole ‘Eve’s Sister’ thing.

I had to deduce that now Malcolm and Eve have transitioned from finding out if her sister was alive to figuring out where Martin may have hidden her body. That was a bit of a leap but now we know why. Malcolm realizes that the only person who can answer that is Martin so off they go to the hospital.

Eve is one of those ‘strong, independent’ women who are frequently come across as complete bitches (and this is coming from a woman) so as soon as she enters the room with Martin, her first instinct is to step across the line and slap him across the face. Nice work. She then talks down to him but it’s OK, she wasn’t just showcasing her glowing personality, it was a tactic to make Martin tell them what happened to her sister. You see, Martin is a narcissist and constantly craves attention whether it be good or bad and the thinking is that if everyone ignores Martin, then he will fess up just to have some attention.

This tactic does work but through flashbacks, we understand why Martin didn’t want Malcolm or Eve to know what happened to Eve’s sister.

First things first.

The reason why Martin didn’t fess up as to where Eve’s sister is located is because she’s alive to how could he know? That’s the whole ‘subverting some expectations’ thing. We assumed that Martin had killed her just because he’s a serial killer and it never crossed our minds that he could have let her go. I’m a little but disappointed that the show told us part of the riddle straight away because I’d already worked it out. The sister bought her freedom with a story about money and power and influence and we’ve just been introduced to a rich, powerful, influential character that is strongly related to a main character, Nicholas Endicott. So naturally, there’s something off about him. I’m also a little disappointed that the character is introduced and the possibility that he might be a bastard is in the same episode. They could have introduced him earlier and dragged this out a bit more so it would have been less surprising.

What still don’t know the exact specifics of how Nicholas is a very naughty boy but there’s still some time left in this series and let’s look on the bright side, at least it looks like Eve is gone. See you next week.

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